Yesed is a target in "Bingo Book: Sephiroth". He is an assassin sent in to make sure Sirberius Reono's job concerning the Black Circle is done right. Dmitri reveals that Yesed is the father of Blaze, a target in "Bingo Book - Hit List".

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Yes Man




Organization V

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Personality Edit

Yesed is a hyper person. He is a hot head person who has low respect for angels but fearful of gods. He also shows a fear of the word "no".

Abilities Edit

Yes Bless Edit

Ability that creates a weak shockwave.

Fire Manipulation Edit

Fire Manipulation is the power to manipulate fire. This art was perfected by fire elementalists.

Synopsis Edit

Demon Destroyer of Gods arc Edit

Organization V sends Yesed to Atlantis to make sure that there are no survivors of Sirberius' massacre. He is let into Atlantis by Z'Niel. They are caught by Elder God Kami. Yesed knocks Kami down with a Yes Bless but flees, forcing Z'Niel (and Z'Niel's newly created Nobody, Noe, to deal with Kami).

When Mewt and Brit arrive at the Black Circle Headquarters, they find that most of the members are dead. They see Yesed who attacks them. Yesed uses a Yes Bless and knocks them down but before he could kill them with Fire Manipulation, Yamisel grabs him. Yesed kicks Yamisel off but Brit manages to get up, grab Mystia's sword, and charge at Yesed. However, Yesed manages a strike first, fatally injuring her. Yamisel grabs Yesed again so Yesed decides to burn Yamisel's head. Yamisel begs Mewt to strike them both. Mewt does so as Yesed screams a maniacal "Yes!".

Yesed is killed by Mewt, Brit, and Yamisel in "Bingo Book: Sephiroth".

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