Valentine de Invidia has many facilities hidden around. In "Memento Mori", dmitrivalentine reveals that there are seven facilities in total. Out of those seven, two have been destroyed, two are known and the rest are still a mystery. All Valentine facilities start with "The".

The Rook/ Castle in the Sky Edit

The Rook, or commonly called Castle in the Sky, is Valentine's home and headquarters. It was the only Valentine facility not in the Mystic Realm until it was transfered to the Mystic Realm after the SALIGIA to serve as the new base for the Mystic Council. Castle in the Sky is a floating white castle. In the lower levels hidden away is a statue of Blue Satan, which resurrected Larac during "Growth of Sin". It also has a giant library.

The Gourd Edit

The Gourd is an underground laboratory on Mirage Island. It was where Cedric Aduella and Grimm use to work. Years later, after the SALIGIA Incident, Azriel takes over the compound and seizes control of Valentine's
Cell building a

The Gourd

creations called Key 4. Azriel also captures and chains Vincent in one of the rooms. When the Mystic Council came to reclaim The Gourd during "Bingo Book: The Key 4", Key 4 and Azriel were killed. Kira then destroyed The Gourd.

The Nest/ The Cell Edit

The Nest and The Cell are actually the same place. During reconstruction, it was renamed but the old name remained. It was the base of operations in Sibilis for Kurasawa Cross, who used the base to work for the Fallen Order. When Dante went berserk, he killed Kurasawa and destroyed The Nest.

Under The Nest lays The Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower Edit

The Clock Tower rests under The Nest in Sibilis. The twelve story underground pillar was built to house the memories of the Sinners of SALIGIA, past and present. The Clock Tower is the focus location in dmitrivalentine's twelve chapter story "Memento Mori". In one of the chapters of "Memento Mori", it is revealed that the Gem of Power is hidden in Floor 12. Here is a list of the floors:

  1. Noah's Floor
  2. Rubi's Floor
  3. Ashley's Floor
  4. Azriel's Floor
  5. Diva's Floor
  6. Leonardo's Floor
  7. Dmitri's Floor
  8. Dominic's Floor
  9. Dominique's Floor
  10. Joel's Floor
  11. Kira's Floor
  12. Valentine's Floor

The Garden Edit

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The Spire Edit

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The Halo Edit

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