The Order is a group of humans and some non-humans with the goal of creating equality between speices. They have helped both the Mystical Knights and the Mystic Council.

Father Edit

"Father" is the name of The Order's founder. Since his name was lost throughout the ages, most members refer to him as "Father".

Sebastin Darling Edit

Sebastin was The Order's Coordinator (leader) thirty years ago. He became friends with Sinners Valentine and Leonardo. When on a trip with his student, Dmitri Valenti, he was killed by Elder God Izen.

Dmitri Valenti Edit

(see Dmitri Valenti)

Matthau Ashford Edit

Matthau was Sebastin's second-in-command of The Order. When Sebastin died, Matthau aided young Dmitri Valenti take control of The Order. Years later, he and HyBreed's Arov attempted a revolt against the gods after hearing news of Amen and a few other Elder Gods' deaths. He and Arov were killed by Evan Nigel.

Tenkai Hyachi Edit

(see Tenkai Hyachi)

Zel Edit

Zel was a shinigami/ angel hybrid who worked for The Order as a bodyguard and buttler. He was ordered to protect and serve Dmitri Valenti by Sebastin Darling. He did as such until Zel was killed by the Sinner of Sloth Noah in the ARK during the SALIGIA Incident.

Cedric Aduella Edit

Cedric was a genius alchemist. He did research in Nobodies. During the Maverick Hills Incident, Sebastin Darling and Sinner of Wrath Leonardo are fed the false information that Cedric is dead when in reality he was not dead.

Cedric may be a descendant of Cordelia Aduella, a Kim-un-Kur.

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