The Holy Lord is the mythological creator of Atlantis and the realms it controls. It is unknown if Holy Lord is real or not.

Creation Edit

Holy Lord was first mentioned in "Sirberius' Past: The Great God War". The Elder Gods (mainly Izen but he wasn't introduced until "Tenkai and Dmitri's Past: Hybrid Crusade") used the name of Holy Lord as a propaganda tool in order to start their crusade against hybrids. Due to this, the Black Circle began growing in power but with Izen's and Darmadia's defeats in the final days of The Great God War, the Black Circle crumbled, ending at the massacre by Sirberius Reono and Yesed.

Originally Holy Lord was just to be a propaganda tool loosely mentioned in one of Zane's stories but Dmitri decided to expand on it. While he used gave more detail about Holy Lord concerning The Great God War in "Tenkai and Dmitri's Past: Hybrid Crusade", he gave the most detail in "Valentine's Past: Battle of Swawns". Holy Lord is revealed to be a mythological supreme god that created Atlantis and everything. There are even guidelines that angels must follow that are supposively written by Holy Lord.

Zane created the name Holy Lord from the Christian term LORD, which is used for a substitute for the Christian god's name: Yah-Weh.

Holy Lord in Epitaph of the Holy Lord Edit

Epitaph of the Holy Lord is a story first mentioned by Pererun in a conversation with Barrel and Azazel. The story was written by Elder God Eon and tells the tale of the Holy Lord legend. In the story, it tells how Holy Lord created everything. An entity called Blue Satan came and seized war with Holy Lord. Holy Lord sent Zein the Savior of Twilight and his allies to defeat Blue Satan's minions, the four Words. After Zein and his allies have defeated the Words, Holy Lord and Blue Satan battle in The Twilight, a mythical realm. Holy Lord defeats Blue Satan but starts to disappear, stating that light cannot exist without darkness.

Holy Lord in Epitaph of Blue Satan Edit


Holy Lord Propaganda Edit

In order to get revenge on Tenkai Hyachi and the hybrids, Izen decided to pretend he was working under the Will of the Holy Lord in order to gain the sources necessary to begin a crusade against hybrids, which sparked into The Great God War. One of the people ensnared in this was Darmadia, a well respected Elder God. She believed every word Izen said and went along with it. She would have won the war if it weren't for her defeat at Dry Man's Point.