Pererun is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He is a member of Egrigori who survives the Battle of Swawns and is recruited by Leonardo de Ira to be his lieutenant. Pererun agrees and changes his name to Wrath.

Pererun is named after the Catholic angel of the same name.

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Atlantis, Egrigori, SALIGIA

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(Pererun) Valentine's Past: Battle of Swawns · (Wrath) Bingo Book - SALIGIA

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Egrigori arc Edit

Pererun was originally an angel who, like Noel, was an angel who served under Elder God Eon. Pererun was later selected to join Egrigori along with his friends, Azazel and Shamsiel; to his disappointment, his old time rival Samyaza also joined Egrigori.

After a mission to the Death Dimension, Egrigori was banished from Atlantis. Pererun, like many others, went along with Azazel's plans to preform a coup d'etat. During the Battle of Swawns, Pererun was injured- presumed killed- by Yusel.

After the war and Shamsiel became Sinner of Wrath Leonardo de Ira for SALIGIA, Leonardo discovered that Pererun was still alive. Leonardo offered Pererun a position by his side as his lieutenant, Wrath. Pererun accepted.

SALIGIA arc Edit

When Leonardo died and Azriel replaced him, any respect Wrath had in SALIGIA was diminished. Wrath began working with his old colleague Barrel, who know went by Valentine de Invidia. During the SALIGIA Incident, Valentine had Wrath guard a portal in the Burning City of Dis that could bring Tenkai Hyachi to the Castle in the Sky. However, Tenkai believed Wrath was an enemy, Tenkai killed Wrath.

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