Ovan Fünf is a character created by Zane and later expanded by Dmitri. Ovan originally had a small part as a target in "Bingo Book - Hit List". While it was believed that he was an agent of the Fallen Order, he is revealed to actual have been the leader of Organization V's Final Five.

Ovan didn't develop a last name until Dmitri was working on Organization V. He then thought to use Ovan as the leader of the Final Five and giving him the last name Fünf, which is German for "five". Dmitri also reveals that Ovan once had a servant named Tony Glut who became Gluttony, Dominique's lieutenant.

Character Profile

Full Name

Ovan Fünf


Zane & Dmitri


Prophet of the End of the World




Organization V

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Hit List

Bingo Book Kills


Personality Edit

Ovan is a person, who while is usually calm, strives for power. He is a faithful follower of Draethius because of Draethius' power. He tries to put on a strong face but he is weak against intimidation, as shown when threatened by Dominique de Gula at Zelcova.

Abilities Edit

Prophecy Edit

Prophecy is the ability to see into the future. Ovan's greatest prophecy is the Prophecy of the End of the World.

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

Ovan and his assistant Tony Glut are on their way to Zelcova when Tony runs off. Ovan later finds Tony, and Sirberius Reono, at Shanra where Yuado Wolfe and the Wolfe Faction. Ovan reveals that Yuado's lieutenant, Gevurah, is actually an agent from the Juunikoudoutai. Ovan, Yuado, Tony, Sirberius, and Zevon attack at once and kill Gevurah.

Ovan is helping the refugees at Zelcova during The Great God War when Va'ashear attacks. Though never revealed, it is guessed that Ovan didn't engage Va'ashear himself because both were members in Organization V. Ovan (and Tony Glut but never mentioned) take on Va'sahear's backup.

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Ovan discovers that Draethius thinks highly of Sirberius Reono and becomes jealous. He outs all the way to confront Sirberius at Zelcova in order to make sure he is Draethius' favorite and not Sirberius. He is pathetically beaten by Sirberius.

Ovan is killed by Sirberius in "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Memento Mori arc Edit

In Dominique de Gula's memory fragment, Dominique confronts Ovan shortly before Va'ashear's attack in order to hear the Prophecy of the End of the World. Afterwards, Ovan is seen running to help the refugees.

Trivia Edit

  • Ovan was born in Redona
  • His last name is German for "five"
  • Ovan shares the same name as a character in the .hack series
  • Ovan didn't recieve a last name until "Memento Mori"
  • Ovan has a small grave in a citadel in Besaid
  • Ovan was originally going to have a Nobody named Nova but Dmitri changed his mind
  • He is the first Organization V member to die

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