Mystical Community, or Mystic Community, is a role play that originated from Crunchyroll[1]. It was founded by the player Zane on January 26, 2008. Originally it was just a group of people who liked mythological things. Each race had a leader. These leaders formed a council, a primative version of the later Mystic Council. A few notable players were tiolee, dethreaper666, blacksheep12, and Dapunzuel; though tiolee and Dapunzuel never participated in the later role playing, two characters- Tiolee Cross and Dapunzuel- were created in their honor.

A month after the creation of Mystical Community on February 20, 2008, Zane created a role play forum called "Bingo Book - Hit List", the first of many Bingo Books to come. Many of the players created a main character to use. For example, dethreaper666 created Dante while blacksheep12 created L'rac Aledan, commonly known as Larac. The founder, Zane, created his own character he named Sirberius Reono along with Sirberius' "other", Zane Hediyoshi; Sirberius shared the same name as Zane's Crunchyroll account name[2].

During "Bingo Book - Hit List", some background stories were revealed but not much. Zane was the first to create a story solely for revealing a character's past; it was "Sirberius' Past: The Great God War", which told the events of Sirberius during The Great God War. Other players like blacksheep12 and dmitrivalentine would write some of their own.

Other players began adding their own Bingo Books into the series. Blacksheep12 (Carl) started the "Bingo Book - Covert Hunt"; it would later have a sequel called "Bingo Book: Sephiroth", started by dmitrivalentine (Dmitri). The two major Bingo Book creators after Zane's "Bingo Book - Hit List" were Dmitri and dethreaper666 (Dan). Dan started "Bingo Book - Fallen Order Lieutenants" and "Bingo Book - Visorese Leaders (Fallen Captains)", which were about the Fallen Order, along with creating "Bingo Book - The Four Horsemen (Guardians of Hell)". Later, Dmitri would start "Bingo Book - SALIGIA", "Bingo Book: The Key 4", and "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown".

On March 6, 2009, MewtMM (Thomas) created MC Wiki for Mystical Community in order to help organize information. Dmitri joined up and the two began working hard to fill out. Since then, they have created 435 articles.

Currently Mystical Community is still active and players are role playing. Along with finalizing races and details, the storyline is at "Spire of Nihilism ".

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