Kavaso is a fire fox spirit. He is a new member to the Fallen Order, recruited by Zycaira.

Character Profile

Full Name

Kavaso Saturnus






fire fox


Fallen Order

First Appearance

Bingo Book - Hit List



Personality Edit

Kavaso is a hot-headed, arrogant man. He hates being insulted and will retaliate. He tends to picks fights with those that are stronger than himself but when he knows he'll lose, he runs.

Weapons Edit

Hyconduro Edit

Hyconduro is a special scythe owned by Kavaso. It has the ability to erect shock waves to attack an opponent.

Synopsis Edit

Dawn of a New Age arc Edit

Kavaso is recruited into the Fallen Order by Zycaira. He is ordered by Okuram to go with Zycaira and Yuado to recruit more members. While resting at Dry Man's Point, the trio encounters Sirberius Reono. Right off the bat he insults Sirberius' "invisible friend". When Sirberius showns that he doesn't know who ordered for his assassination, Kavaso lets it slip that the boss' name is Okuram. Sirberius insults Kavaso about being a "cockroach" in the Fallen Order, which angers Kavaso.

Kavaso attacks Sirberius with Hyconduro. Zycaira and Yuado join in on the fight. Sensing he might lose if the battle prolonged, Sirberius summoned Zane Hediyoshi. Kavaso realizes that Zane is stronger than himself so he decides to make a run for it. Zane fires an energy beam at Kavaso, incinerating him.

Kavaso is killed by Sirberius and Zane in "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kavaso was created by for "Bingo Book - Hit List".

Kavaso was later given the last name Saturnus by Dmitri. It came from a band from Denmark of the same name. "Saturnus" is the Latin name of the god Saturn.

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