Joel is a character in the role play Mystical Community. He was a former angel under the leadership of Elder God Luke until Luke went missing shortly before the Mavericks Hills Incident. Later, he would become the second Sinner of Gluttony.

Character Profile

Full Name





Sinner of Gluttony




Atlantis, SALIGIA

First Appearance

Bingo Book - SALIGIA

Bingo Book Kills

Damien, Azriel



Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Power of Gluttony Edit

The Power of Gluttony allows the user to control the mass of themself or another.

Synopsis Edit

Egrigori arc Edit

Though never seen, he is guessed to have fought in the Battle of Swawns.

Great God War arc Edit

When Luke went missing, Joel was reassigned to Elder Gods Izen and Darmadia. They wanted Joel to help with eliminating hybrids during The Great God War. Joel was against it and seeked out Tenkai Hyachi to warn him of an approaching attack. Indeed an Atlantis task force comes and attacks Tenkai. Joel helps Tenkai defeat Izen, ending the war.

Though he didn't participate in the signing of the Dry Man Treaty, he was present at Dry Man's Point when it occured.

SALIGIA arc Edit

In Joel's investigations, he finds out that Valentine de Invidia was one of the last people to contact Luke before Luke's disappearance. He joins the Mystic Council part to the Mu where he and Tenkai are teleported to the Burning City of Dis by Phaethon. There he and Tenkai fight Damien and Azriel. In the fight, it is believed that Joel is killed.

Later, when Tenkai fights Valentine at the Castle in the Sky, Joel is revealed to be alive. Leaving Joel at the Castle in the Sky, Tenkai leaves for Shadow Imperia to find the others.

When the SALIGIA Incident is over, Valentine offers the position of Sinner of Gluttony to Joel who accepts.

Chase arc Edit

In a Council meeting, it is revealed that Joel is off on his search again for Luke. He is accompanied by Nirvanism Maester Karl Bates.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to his tendency to call those of authority "Master ______", he gets in trouble with Karl when Joel identifies him as "Master Bates"
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