Gevurah is a target in "Bingo Book: Sephiroth". He is a Sephiroth agent sent to trick Yuado Wolfe into attacking a group from the Lamia Faction.

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Organization V, Wolfe Faction

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Judgment of Intentions Edit

This creates a barrier around the user that blocks out beings and attacks that are meant to bring harm to the user.

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Great God War arc Edit

Yuado and his lieutenant, Gevurah, are roaming the plains for Rocain members. They find a group of vampires and Gevurah tricks Yuado into thinking they're Rocain when, in reality, they are Lamia. After Ovan Fünf reveals to Yuado that the vampires his army is attacking are not Rocain, it is revealed that Gevurah is a saboteur. Gevurah is caught off guard when his fellow Organization V member (though not known to the others) would order his death. Gevurah tries to defend himself using Judgment of Intentions but the combined abilities of his opponents get through and kill him.

Gevurah is killed by Sirberius Reono, Tony Glut, Zevon Lamia, Yuado Wolfe and Ovan Fünf in "Bingo Book: Sephiroth".

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