Dmitri Valenti is a character from the role play Mystical Community. His name is a derivitive of his creator, dmitrivalentine. dmitrivalentine created Dmitri to be a polar opposite of Valentine de Invidia: caring, emotional, ignorant. In the creation of Dmitri Valenti, he began The Order, a group bent of sustaining peace between races.Dmitri himself is the Coordinator, the rank of supreme commander, for The Order.

Character Profile

Full Name

Dmitri Valenti (de Acedia)


dmitrivalenti (Dmitri)


The Order's Coordinator; Sinner of Sloth


human; Sinner


The Order, SALIGIA, Mystic Council

First Appearance

Bingo Book - SALIGIA

Bingo Book Kills

Noah, Abel and Axel, Unknown (default)

Personality Edit

Dmitri is a calm, senative person. He can usually fit in with the help of his Hawkeye Curse.

Abilities Edit

Hawkeye Curse Edit

The Hawkeye Curse is a spell put on him by Leonardo de Ira. The spell allows the user to sense the emotions of the people near him.

Only M. N. Nairb and Vaciar have been able to fool the Hawkeye Curse.

Power of Sloth Edit

The Power of Sloth allows the user to make one's opponent weaker or neutralize one's abilities.

Synopsis Edit

Great God War arc Edit

Dmitri plays an important role in The Great God War. He witnesses the Maverick Hills Incident firsthand. Afterwards, he and The Order try to stop Atlantis from exterminating hybrids. Knowing that he needed support, he and Matthau Ashford seeked out HyBreed. When they finally find them, Elder God Darmadia attacks. They managed to defeat her forces but with heavy casualties.

Later, Dmitri, Matthau, Tenkai Hyachi, HyBreed's Arov, and a representative from Atlantis ended the war with the signing of the Dry Man Treaty.

SALIGIA arc Edit

Dmitri and his bodyguard, Zel, go with the Mystic Council party to the Mu. When Phaethon scatters the group, Dmitri and Zel end up at the ARK, Noah de Acedia's fortress. Dmitri manages to defeat Noah's lieutenant, Sloth, but Zel ends up dead. Noah tries to escape to the Mystic Realm and crashes the ARK into the Mystic Hall. When Noah flees the ARK, Dmitri kills him.

Later, Valentine offers the empty post of Sinner of Sloth to Dmitri which Dmitri accepts.

Chase arc Edit

While he never makes an appearance, he is mentioned by the Council in that he went to Sibilis to stop a revolt there.

Memento Mori arc Edit


Fate of the Unknown arc Edit

Dmitri and Ben Cane teleport to Faralda just in time to see Valentine use Absolute Zero on himself and Kira. Dmitri then helps Ashley de Superbia take on Unknown, revealed to be Alquimista Voz. Before Voz can be defeated, however, Alquimista Vaciar rescues Voz and the two Alquimistas escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Dmitri shares the same first name as his creator
  • Dmitri's last name is two letters off from Valentine

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