Dia S. Loth, later Sloth, was a Nirvanism lieutenant for V. N. Vinealent. She was once a student at Chronos Academy where she joined her teacher Noah Darling and classmate Cordelia Aduella on an expediton in which led to Dia becoming Sloth, the Sinner of Sloth's lieutenant for SALIGIA.

Character Profile
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Full Name

Dia S. Loth


dmitrivalentine (Dmitri)






SALIGIA, Nirvanism

First Appearance

Bingo Book - SALIGIA

Bingo Book KIlls


Personality Edit

Dia's personality is completely opposite to Noah's. She is a workaholic and hates Noah's collecting hobit. Regardless of her harsh opinion of Noah, she still stuck with him. She even obeys Noah when asked to attack Dmitri Valenti and Zel during the SALIGIA Incident.

Abilities Edit

Unknown Crystal Ability Edit

Being a Nirvayan, she has a Crystal ability. It has yet to be shown.

Synopsis Edit

Shadows of Egrigori arcEdit

Dia went with Noah Darling and Cordelia Aduella on The Order expedition to Mt. Theo. She and Noah were the only two to survive Chesed Stark and M. N. Nairb's massacre.

SALIGIA arc Edit

When Dia finds out Dmitri and Zel are on the ARK, she tells Noah right away. Noah then orders her to take care of them. After a few attempts of sending beasts to kill The Order duo, she engages them personally. She manages to kill Zel but is defeated by Dmitri.

She is believed to have been killed but later sources show that she is still alive and has returned to being Vinealent's lieutenant.

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