"On your toes. This is Bael, a high ranking demon."
Thalattē Tiamat to Burning Dawn

Bael was an angel tuned demon. During Egrigori's war with Atlantis, Bael was the unnamed pilot of Azazel's Ruby Kilsein. Years later, he would one of al-Kafirun (Arabic for "the unbelievers").

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al-Kifirun of the Sixth Layer


Dan & Dmitri


Angel/ Demon


Atlantis, Fallen Order

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Scarlet Plague Edit

The Scarlet Plague is a technique created by fire elementalists. It creates micro-organisms made of fire.

History Edit

Bael was originally an angel sent by Atlantis to search for the missing. Unlike the other angels, Bael eventually found Egrigori but was inspired by Azazel and eventually joined the cult that worshipped Azazel, who changed his name to Draethius. Bael would go with Azazel and Gadriel to recruit new members. In one demonstrations, Azazel showed his power by changing Bael into a demon.

Synopsis Edit

Egrigori arc Edit

During the Battle of Swawns, Bael was the pilot of Azazel's Ruby Kilsein. When Uriel and Araqiel were fighting Kokabiel, Uriel's arrow struck Bael, causing him to collapse on the controls, making the kilsein crash into the side of Mt. Theo. Bael, along with the rest of the crew, were trapped in the Death Dimension.

Inferno arc Edit

When passing through the Sixth Layer of the Death Dimension searching for Uriel, the Burning Dawn encounter Bael. Bael attacks them. After Bael seemingly kills Dante, Virgil retaliates and kills Bael. Later, Dante is revealed alive.

During Virgil and Dante's conversation, Bael's corpse explodes. In his place is Vier Weiss.

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