This article is about the character in three Epitaphs. You may be looking for Azazel, otherwise known as Draethius the Demon Lord.

Epitaph of Value






The Demon Lord

Word Meaning

Disbelief, lie, trickery



"Disbelief, lie, trickery. Twas of the second Word: Athius. Incarnated as Athius the Atheist. Robed by trickery guised as Draethius."
— Epitaph of Value —

Draethius the Demon Lord, otherwise known as the Word Athius the Aetheist, is a character in the Epitaph of the Holy Lord, Epitaph of Blue Satan, and Epitaph of Value.

Epitaph of the Holy Lord Edit

Draethius/Athius joins Zein's group. He manipulates Key 4 to attack Zein's group. Rac L. discovers Draethius' deception. Draethius reveals his true identity as Athius and flees. He dies during the colossal battle between Holy Lord and Blue Satan.

Epitaph of Value Edit

Draethius aids Zein's group at Tan in the fight against Abyzou's Chevaliers Du Abysse. He fights Damien. After Lumis kills Rai, Draethius attacks him in revenge. The wounded Chevalier is turned into a weapon by Abyzou. Draethius then join's Zein's group. At Rho, where they are ambushed, Draethius fights a satan. When Zein's group leaves, Draethius kills the black knights and the white knights, revealing his identity as Athius. He then fights Zein at Nu but is slain by Zein. Duo resurrects Athius so that Athius can delay Zein's group. When Duo is killed, Athius loses his live. Athius' powers are later used to seal Heine.

Legacy Edit

Both "Draethius the Demon Lord" and "Athius" are used millenias later by the angel Azazel after his fall. In his control of the Fallen Order, he uses the name "Demon Lord Draethius" but for Organization V, Azazel uses Heavenly Ruler "Athius"

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